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HP OneView - How to Get Logs from HP OneView Management Software

Title: HP OneView - How to Get Logs from HP OneView Management Software
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FACT:HP OneView appliance
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SYMPTOM:HP Support needs logs from HP OneView appliance for troubleshooting
The HP OneView Appliance Management Software has 2 logs that are important for HP support for their troubleshooting. Additional information might be requested as well from users by using Screenshots or additional so called Rest.API script outputs for reviewing customized data in plain text format.

For any HP OneView support case the following data might be requested:
1. HP OneView supportdump from the appliance itself
2. HP OneView supportdump that includes the Virtual Connect configuration
3. Additional screenshots to verify possible GUI errors or messages
4. Additional rest.API output using CURL or PowerShell scripting

How to make the HP OneView appliance supportdump:
Go to the HP OneView GUI Settings Screen > Actions > Create Support Dump.
The option will be available to not encrypt the supportdump so that users can review the data before sending it to HP support.

How to make the HP OneView support dump with Virtual Connect dump included:
Go to the HP OneView Logical Interconnects screen > Actions > Create Supportdump

How to make the HP OneView support dump via rest API scripting:
1. Create the supportdump   : POST /rest/appliance/support-dumps
2. Download the supportdump : GET /rest/appliance/support-dumps/{filename}

More information about REST API can be found in the HP OneView user guide in chapter 6.
Click here to access the HP OneView user guide.

In all situations the supportdump will be created in the background.

How to send the HP OneView supportdump towards HP support:
If the Supportdump is larger than 15MB then please have the file zipped up/compressed and the file send to with in the subject <CASE:123456789> where 123456789 represents the CaseID that is open with HP; an e-mail confirmation will be send out upon arrival.
For files larger then 15Mb will HP support make an FTP/HTTPS upload site available.

User can use as well the HP Enterprise Business Community forum for posting their questions on HP OneView.

Click here to access the HP Enterprise Business Community forum.

Other good HP OneView pages:

Click here to access the Infrastructure Management website.
Click here to access the OneView Demos.
Click here to access the HP OneView Services.
Click here to access the HP OneView Updates.

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